Fathers and Future Generations

Happy Father’s Day!  Our hope and prayer is that your earthly father has been an example of the Heavenly Father.  If not, there is still hope for the generations that follow.  Let’s talk about that. 

 Psalm 78 is a chapter that encourages the generation of today to remember the teachings of our fathers in their original form so that we may pass those teachings in their original form to our children and then further, our children might pass it to their children and grandchildren. The oral tradition of the Israelites was the primary scriptural education of the common people. The scribes were assigned to rewrite the writings of Moses and the prophetic works in those Old Testament times. The Pharisees were to memorize the Old Testament from memory. It was a responsibility that every father undertook with much gravity.

 There are lots of things that are said about fathers on a day like today. The greatest thing that can be said of a father is that he showed his children the example that God gave in the Word. What a blessing that it would be for children to say that their father told them what the Bible said and he showed them the same by his word and deed. It would be even more glorious for those children to tell their children how their grandfather lived what the Bible said. Those stories of faith, trial, tragedy, and victory are what it takes for an unlearned generation to be molded for a future faith of their Own.

 It is unfortunate that some have no goodly heritage, no Godly heritage of faith. Such is the case of many people that I know who are first-generation Christians. All they have is a past family life of sin, self-satisfaction or simply living till they die with no hope on the other side of the veil of death. But for those first generation Christian these words in Psalm 78 are a hopeful beginning for a heritage of faith for their own future generations. 

 If you have a father that has you a Godly example you ought to thank him, not for teaching you how to throw a ball, or for taking you fishing, or paying your way, but you ought to thank him for giving you the Bible as the foundation that you live upon. That’s what I’m going to tell my dad today when I talk to him on the phone and wish him a happy Father’s Day. And that is what I’m going to strive for as the father of Abigail and Adelyn. And if the Lord lets us live and they have children of their own, we will tell them that Jesus saves and that God is faithful. That there is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun. That living right is the only way. That taking care of your neighbors is as important than taking care of yourself. We will tell them that they not only carry our family name but they carry the name of our Lord.  God help Godly fathers.

God Bless You!